“Bad Music.”

“If its not Free it's not Art”

“but recently I've begun to see why ones biography is important... “I” matter.”

The Black Swans - paper first delivered at GA2017XX 20th Generative Art Conference in Revenna 14th December 2017

Public Art - paper submitted to Open Philosophy

“I didn't write this paper, my computer did.” -xCoAx 2019: 7th International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X (3-5 July 2019, Milan)

Pop goes Reason - paper deliverd at Falmouth University April 2015

An idiots guide to noise

Noise is Stupid - paper deliverd at Cork University December 2013

Unsounding Music - noise is not sound - paper deliverd at Huddersfield University

Noise as more than a musical genre – Towards an objective account using statistical methods

Two Experiments Published in Tacet

Chatham Noise Vs Culture.pdf


Two noises.pdf

The ontographology of noise.pdf

no dynamics.pdf

Why noise is god.pdf


Noise is both the differentiation and the undifferentiated.pdf


The finite pulse waves.pdf


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