Being is not in the world only becoming...

an event..... which is constantly activated by the preceding events and the virtuality of the real
which is in no way privileged....

Here at present a third of a trillion actualizations...

Not the Deleuzean event which is an expression of vitality,
rupture, in the plane of immanence, the ‘decision’ of all
philosophy, or the Being of being (Heidegger) or any type
of ‘special’ incarnation of DOG theologians, but the singular
non-singular of the real, which is neither universal or totalizing,
Joycean/Proustean /Woolf … which fill not only the plane of being
but which is all of its stratifications, present, histories,
moments of the thing in itself signified ontic ontologizing,
the creative reparation eternally of the same in differance.