Plays HNW using Java - to stop kill Process

As above but random

Java HNW write to file

Windows sample player / recorder

Chops up WAVs (win)

As above but different version (win)

Mixes MP3s (win)

Mixes Wavs (win) If only 1 wav or mp3 in home folder - these also will chop up in effect.

Records PC sound @ 44100htz with VB source code (win)

Arp 2600 'skin' sample player - recorder with source code (win)

Lets you pick any file - .exe .DOc and makes a new file from this in .WAV format - so you can 'hear' it (win)

Plays random midi - (win)

Midi Keyboard player with code (win)

Mixes WAVS .EXE and VB code (win)

Writes wav from other wavs.. .EXE in root + VB code VB2010 (win)

Makes Random Midi files.EXE in root + VB code VB2010 (win)

Plays random files random loop times Akai Force Skin (win)

Source code for above (win)