Harsh Noise Wall - Erased.


Harsh Noise Wall - Erased.

The question of identity and the object- the thing-in-itself related to philosophy and art has been deeply problematical,
and philosophically and non-philosophically radical solutions are ‘on offer’. “(S)heer identity” ..
“the unthinkable reality” is established quite simply without philosophy by the simple act of subtraction.
A thing if subtracted from anything else will always present a difference.
(no matter what nature this may possess) – by subtraction with itself a total erasure occurs –
without any trace. Even any ‘history’ – though not ‘temporality’ - is erased. Erasure arithmetically an-nihil-ates .
However what remains is the space-time/time-space which is the transcendental-aesthetical appearance in which
only a quantum which is a fixed and known, as a synthetic a priori magnitude free of any correlational predicates.
The objects a priori transcendental identity.

                       Do  While  True

                               a  =  sr1.ReadInt16()
                               a  =  a  -  a
                       'do  nothing
               End  Try

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